SKG3 has staged living history displays for English Heritage, the National Trust, the National Army Museum, and numerous regional museums and open-air events. We have been commissioned to provide film footage for five TV documentaries in addition to research material used in published works, numerous magazine articles, and archaeological reports. Our Society is proud to have been requested to furnish speakers for several prestigious institutions.

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Bicton Park, August 2010

A good display at Bicton Park. Our thanks to Emma Knight for some fine photos.

Exeter Armed Forces Day, June 2010

Celebrating Exeter's 2000 years as a garrison city, the Queen's Rangers were invited to represent John Graves Simcoe's connections with the locality.

Dartmouth Castle, May 2010

This being our first post, we would like to record some of our 2010 events starting with Dartmouth Castle.