SKG3 has staged living history displays for English Heritage, the National Trust, the National Army Museum, and numerous regional museums and open-air events. We have been commissioned to provide film footage for five TV documentaries in addition to research material used in published works, numerous magazine articles, and archaeological reports. Our Society is proud to have been requested to furnish speakers for several prestigious institutions.

For more up to date information, photos etc, we suggest you visit some of our reenactment blogs listed with links on this page or our (UK viewing only) Facebook page.

Monday 29 July 2013

Visit our Royal Navy & Marine Corps of the 1790s

Do visit our blog devoted to recreating Sir Edward Pellew's Royal Navy Landing Party c1793. There you will see a large number of photos taken at recent events. See Links

Devonshire Association Lecture, September 2012

The Group Historian and a member of our Queen's Rangers Living History Group were speakers at the Exeter annual social of the Devonshire Association. It was reported as 'very well received'.

Friday 25 November 2011

Devonshire Association Lecture

In November SKG3 was asked to furnish a speaker for a local Devonshire Assocation branch. The 45 minute talk was on the subject of John Graves Simcoe, his life and achievements. A donation was kindly provided to our society. We are providing another speaker in 2012.

Monday 10 October 2011


Members of SKG3 attended the Honiton Wargames Club on October 7, staging an impressive French Revolutionary game involving over four hundred miniatures. See our SKG3wargames blog for more information and photos.

Would like to thank Wayne and Jo Mitchell for the enjoyable social held at their home in East Devon on October 8. You can't beat a 'real fire', with good company.

Ipswich Maritime Festival, August 2011

Several 18th century groups were brought together by SKG3 to provide a late Georgian display in support of the Ipswich Maritime Festival. Members from three societies staged a colourful portrayal in what was a long range event successfully accomplished. Special thanks to our drivers Wayne Mitchell and Chris Smith. Here is a photo of some of those that attended. View YOUTUBE for videos.

Dartmouth Castle, August 2011

Well done everyone for your efforts at Dartmouth Castle. Once more SKG3 has staged a two day event which received general applause from the public, and also the staff! The combination of redcoated Marines, Royal Navy in blue, and greencoated Rangers was very colourful.